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  1. Abaana Youth Team Project 2011 - £12,247.00
    Abaana Youth Team Project 2011
  2. Ruth M Chambwa - £8,850.00
    Enriched Enhanced Empowered
  3. Dot and Gwen - £3,400.56
    Dorothy and Gwen's Fundraising Page
  4. Michaela Rossi - £3,063.40
    Camino de Santiago
  5. Paul and Tania Baker - £2,960.00
    The Bakers Cycle India
 Northern Uganda faces horror!
Children of Kitgum face daily horror! Each and every night thousands of children commute from their villages in the outlaying regions into the relative safety of the larger towns of Kitgum and Gulu. The children are on the move because they fear abduction by the LRA (Lords Resistance Army).


Give a child a future